Quasar “Senaca” Beta 3.13.6 released

10 months ago

This is the beta 3.13 branch, not to be confused with the stable 3.10 branch.

We are thrilled to announce the immediate availability of QuasarDB 3.13.6, a beta version update from 3.13.5.

This release has more than 40 improvements, fixes, and new features!

In particular, we’ve significantly improved the management of catastrophic events such as hard drive failures to reduce the probability of data loss.

The query language has some notable enhancements, and we added support for UPSERT, making Quasar capable of handling every possible data update scenario.

We hope we enjoy this new release very much!

The change log below has the complete list.

Get QuasarDB 3.13.6 here!

QuasarDB is also available on the AWS marketplace.

32-bit and 64-bit ARM binaries for Linux are now included with every release.

Change log

(From 3.13.5)

  • Protocol version 48
  • [api] Add support for strings natively in the key-value store
  • [api] Add support for timestamps natively in the key-value store
  • [api] Batch inserts now support upserts
  • [api] Deduplication can now be done only on the timestamp
  • [api] Fix potential race conditions in continuous queries
  • [api] On a failed batch push, will no longer automatically retry
  • [api] Support multithreading of aggregation queries
  • [daemon] All configuration settings can now be passed by the command line, a configuration file, or environment variables
  • [daemon] Better error reporting of invalid configurations
  • [daemon] Can now use custom S3 endpoints
  • [daemon] Greatly improve eviction performance and reliability
  • [daemon] Greatly improve S3 caching performance
  • [daemon] Massive improvement to aggregation performance accross the board
  • [daemon] Statistics snapshots are no longer stored
  • [java] Add support for drop duplicates in the batch writer API
  • [java] Greatly reduced memory footprint of the batch writer
  • [net] Improved batch writer performance
  • [net] New connection pool
  • [persistence] Asynchronous writes will now retry at least once when encountering I/O errors
  • [persistence] Full support for S3 backups
  • [persistence] Writes are now much more resistent to catastrophic failures such as hardware errors and unexpected terminations
  • [python] Add support for PyArrow
  • [query] Add DATETIME support to SELECT
  • [query] Add support for GROUP BY $timestamp
  • [query] Add support for INTERPOLATE with ASOF JOIN RANGE
  • [query] Add support for LOG(x, base), LOG2, and LOG10
  • [query] Add support for POWER, EXP, LN, and SQRT
  • [query] Fix a performance issue when SELECT * expands to a high number of columns
  • [query] Fix CUMSUM() being interpreted as an aggregation with GROUP BY queries
  • [query] Fix several HAVING related bugs
  • [query] Increased the efficiency of ALTER TABLE
  • [query] Support composed functions in HAVING
  • [railgun] Parse timezone information properly when selecting the ISO8601 parser
  • [railgun] Railgun is now statically linked to the Quasar API
  • [railgun] Support for symbol columns
  • [rest] Add a health check function
  • [rest] Add a status page
  • [rest] Increased resilience in low-connectivity environment
  • [rest] Log queries duration
  • [rest] Return a 401 error when the token has expired
  • [rest] Support for Quasar API parallelism
  • [shell] New command to check the status of an ongoing backup