Quasar “Senaca” Beta 3.13.7 released

5 months ago

This is the beta 3.13 branch, not to be confused with the stable 3.10 branch.

We are thrilled to announce the immediate availability of QuasarDB 3.13.7, a beta version update from 3.13.6.

The change log below has the complete list.

Get QuasarDB 3.13.7 here!

QuasarDB is also available on the AWS marketplace and the Azure Marketplace.

32-bit and 64-bit ARM binaries for Linux are now included with every release.

Change log

(From 3.13.6)

  • Protocol version 48
  • [api] Add non-transactional removal in the batch
  • [api] Added a faster, non-transactional, remove
  • [api] Added a function to coalesce batch operations
  • [api] Added support for doubles and timestamps in the batch
  • [api] Fix a performance issue when network issues would occur during a qdb_ts_batch_push
  • [api] Massive performance speed up for large detagging
  • [daemon] Add support for log rotation
  • [daemon] Added statistics for micro indexes
  • [daemon] Bootstrapping peers now accept hostnames
  • [daemon] Cluster trim now properly trims every single key when requested
  • [daemon] Compaction now happens in a dedicated background thread
  • [daemon] If a license is provided, and the license is invalid or expired, the daemon will not start
  • [daemon] Support for selective compaction
  • [python] A file can be specified instead of a string for authentication purposes
  • [query] Doubles and timestamps will no longer be skipped when using FIND() in a WHERE clause
  • [query] Greatly improved AS_TABLES performance
  • [query] Greatly improved the speed of SHOW TABLES for cluster with a large number of tables
  • [query] Improved find performance
  • [query] Improved multi-threaded aggregations performance
  • [query] RSI and MACD now accept a custom number of periods
  • [query] The WHERE clause now accepts $timestamp for more flexibility
  • [shell] Added more context to several error messages
  • [shell] Added support for every single direct command
  • [shell] Added support for key/value operations no doubles, strings, and timestamps in the shell
  • [shell] Performance trace in the shell has more context and information