Make smarter decisions - capture unlimited raw timeseries data and refine them on demand, unlocking a new level of insights and efficiency.

Cost effective timeseries storage

A combination of ultra efficient compression, clustering, indexing, and tiered storage.

Taq, query, and extract features

Tag data, organize on the fly, use SQL to query and extract features. All in real time.

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Exabytes of events processed

in total by Quasar clusters around the world


The most cost-effective timeseries solution, thanks to its ultra-efficient resource usage, the capability to leverage object storage (S3), unique compression technology, and fair pricing model.

Storage is the #1 driver of cloud costs and Quasar can divide that cost by 20.

Effortless adoption

Quasar runs everywhere, from 32-bit ARM devices to high-end Intel servers, from Edge Computing to the cloud or on-premises.

Queries are written in familiar SQL. Quasar supports many programming languages and integrates seamlessly with most BI, streaming, and visualization software.

Feature extraction

Quasar works directly on the raw data and enables advanced, business specific, real time feature extraction, such as: slope, FFT, order book rebuilding, etc.

What took months of data engineerings and hours of computations can be achieved in matter of days with sub second latency.

Have your teams focused on making the business better.

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