real-time insights.
No matter the volume.

Ingest more. Compress better. Query faster.

Tier-1 Hedge Funds, Telecom Giants, Manufacturing Leaders, and Governmental Agencies rely on Quasar to drive outstanding outcomes.

Why Quasar?

QuasarDB: the database designed for real-time intel.

Lower Storage Cost​

Data storage cost can be divided by 20 and more, thanks to our leading tiered, compressed, storage technology​.

No Data Lag

Ingest large volumes of data. Gain immediate, actionable insights with no data lag. Predict problems before they occur.

Real-time Insights

Deliver sub-second complex data analytics either at ingestion or querying, thanks to Quasar’s high-performance aggregation engine​.

Edge Efficient

Well-suited for edge computing due to its efficiency, small footprint, and low resource requirements​.

Consume high-volume data

Handle the most demanding use cases, such as high-frequency waveform data, level III market data, and 5G, sustainably with zero data loss​.

Quick Deployment

SQL queries, a native Python interface, and a wealth of connectors that enable quick deployment and instant productivity​.

Trusted by leading
Organisations & Businesses

“As our next-generation power systems become increasingly integrated, we must incorporate more advanced data processing and analytics into our digital-twin emulation platform. And that’s why we chose Quasar as our trusted data solution provider, due to its high performance, scalability, track record, and world-class engineering support.

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