Quasar – Industry’s Leading Real-time Data Platform

for capturing and analyzing high-volume time-series data

Why Quasar?

Storage Cost Divided by 20​

Thanks to the industry-proven, patented compression, Quasar compresses the data faster than it arrives. Along with the tiering capability that moves old data to cheaper storage, Quasar significantly reduces disk usage while enabling fast queries.

Unlimited Ingestion and Storage

Achieved through a real-time AI engine, and a unique data structure, Quasar has a track record of ingesting petabytes of data, while serving queries on trillions of rows of historical data.

Real-time Data Analytics

In addition to data compression and unlimited ingestion capabilities, Quasar also offers real-time data analytics during the ingestion and query processes, which leads to significantly increased query speed, reduced data storage, and high-resolution data processing with no data lag.

Key Industrial Applications

Industrial IoT

Enable successful IoT applications like predictive maintenance by ingesting and processing high-volume, high-resolution sensor waveform data with no/low data lag. Significantly increase the failure prediction’s accuracy while reducing the data storage cost by 20 times.

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Capture level III market data in real-time and rebuild the order book on-demand. Compute slippage without writing a single line of code. Unlock a level of insight reserved – until now – ​to top-tier quantitative hedge funds.


Store every event without dropping a beat and get instant responses on marketing and technical questions. Enter the world of immediate insights to resolve incidents faster and understand your users better.

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