Our mission

Our mission

Quasar is an apolitical, mission focused company.

Our mission is to enable AI to create wealth. At Quasar we believe in excellence through technology and outstanding customer service.

No matter how unique our technology is, if it does not help you, the customer, solve your problem, we have not been successful.

Our Values

Our Values

Our values drive every decision we make: the way we innovate, conduct business, and grow our team.

  • Courage – Never settle and build the impossible
  • Pragmatism – Truth is in what works
  • Clarity – Be coherent and intelligible
About Us

Where we come from


In 2009 our founder, Edouard Alligand, started to study distributed database systems as he was working on a data problem for a large bank. A value at risk (VaR) project was creating massive stress on the database systems.

The NoSQL and Hadoop hype was rising, and there were preliminary works on NewSQL databases. Edouard felt neither of these systems could solve the following problem: instant results on a petascale dataset with reasonable resource usage.

Beyond that specific project, there was a vision: business insights are hidden in plain sight within a tsunami of data. By lowering the cost of large-scale data storage and processing, we can leverage Automated Intelligence (AI) in every aspect of the economy, fueling a new growth phase.


Quasar raised a seed round from Newfund to work on what was at that time a prototype. After promising successes, Quasar raised a seed extension led by Partech in 2017 to prepare for the commercial phase.


The Quasar technology enables some of the largest companies in the world to unlock the potential of AI.

Quasar is proud to be an Engage portfolio company and to count on partners like AT&T, Chick-fil-A, Coca-Cola, Cox Enterprises, Delta Air Lines, Georgia-Pacific, Georgia Power Foundation, Georgia Tech, Goldman Sachs, The Home Depot, Intercontinental Exchange (ICE), Inspire Brands, Invesco, Invest Georgia, Tech Square Ventures, and UPS.


Our Investors


Executive team

Edouard Alligand


Yijun Fan

VP Product Marketing

Jean-Claude Tagger


Our locations

Los Angeles

555 Anton Boulevard - Suites 150
Costa Mesa, CA 92626
+1 917 979 2896


48 Rue Croix des Petits Champs
F-75001, Paris
+33 1 55 34 92 30

New York

17 State Street - Suite 4000
New York, NY 10004
+1 917 979 2896

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