QuasarDB “Seneca” 3.14.0 Released

6 months ago

We are thrilled to announce the immediate availability of QuasarDB 3.14.0, an update from 3.13.7.

Multiple performance and fixes have been added in this release, as well as support for multiple readers from a single S3 bucket, improved S3 backup speed, and, last but not least, initial support for windowing functions with the SQL OVER syntax.

This version sets a new standard in terms of speed, compression, and analytical power for timeseries databases and has been battle tested over multiple petabytes data sets in use case as diverse as asset health monitoring, orderbook analysis, cybersecurity, and electric grid simulations.

Change log

(w.r.t. 3.13.7)

  • Protocol version 48
  • [api] Add a function to trim a single entry
  • [client] Compiler, build, cpu, and allocator are now in the –version output
  • [daemon] Add support for multiple instances over the same S3 bucket (one writer, many readers)
  • [daemon] Add support for short-term credentials for S3 authentication
  • [daemon] Sensitive parameters are now hidden from the log
  • [daemon] Significantly increased S3 backup speed
  • [daemon] Trimming multiple entries is now done in a dedicated background thread
  • [kernel] Fix an issue where old buckets could not be updated after a new column was added to a table
  • [kernel] Trimming a timeseries now includes the root
  • [odbc] Add support for log size limit and rotation
  • [odbc] Log verbosity is now configurable, and the default value has been lowered
  • [orderbook] Currenex ORDERBOOK function is more tolerant of errors
  • [orderbook] Fix a bug related to time ranges and Currenex data
  • [orderbook] Greatly improved the performance of the ORDERBOOK functions for Currenex data
  • [persistence] Reduces the chances for data loss in case of an operating system failure during a trimming operation
  • [persistence] S3 Backups can now be done using multiple threads
  • [query] Initial support for Windowing functions (SQL OVER())

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