QuasarDB 3.8.4 released

4 years ago

We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of QuasarDB 3.8.4. This is a bug fix and performance improvement release. All QuasarDB users are encouraged to update to the 3.8.4 version.

Changes in this version

  • [daemon] Clustering: allow out of order startup of nodes
  • [daemon] Add an option to disable background replication and migration
  • [daemon] Add chord statistics to monitor cluster stability
  • [daemon] Increase logs verbosity on metadata errors
  • [daemon] No longer migrate data on startup by default
  • [replication] Prevent the replication to create transaction conflicts
  • [dbtool] Add upgrade, dump shard, and repair commands
  • [dbtool] Add a “force” option to force upgrading the indexes
  • [maxcon] Allow the max connection tool to connect to a secure cluster

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