QuasarDB 3.8.9 released

4 years ago

We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of QuasarDB 3.8.9. This is a bug fix release. All QuasarDB users of the “Crates” branch are encouraged to update to the 3.8.7 version.

Changes in this version

  • [daemon] If a bucket is corrupted, the data will now be ignored by aggregation functions
  • [daemon] Fix a potential deadlock if the database would do a concurrent write, prefix get, and massive eviction
  • [daemon] Greatly improve DELETE performance
  • [daemon] Prevent data from being corrupted in case of concurrent insertion and erasure on the same bucket
  • [query] Data far in the future (100+ years) can now be properly selected
  • [query] Properly dismiss invalid months and days combination at the parsing phase
  • [query] Reject invalid WHERE and aggregation combinations early in the client instead of sending them to the server

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