3 things that make logging fast and secure

Log4J is making the news because of recent major security vulnerabilities. Writing secure software is extremely hard, and logging frameworks are often overlooked as a simple, unimportant component. Any software component that parses and outputs user input needs to be considered seriously from a security standpoint. Being written in C++, Quasar does not use log4j. […]

DBaaS vs PaaS: how to choose?

To DBaaS or to PaaS, that is the question. That’s it! You’ve decided to run your DataBase Management System (DBMS) in the cloud, but now, you have more questions than before. IaaS? PaaS? SaaS? DBaaS? Lil NaaS?  At Quasar, we do the full range of possible deployments, from databases embedded in ARM32 devices to on-premises […]

Optimized QuasarDB, part 1: storage

Reaching your performance, durability and efficiency goals in a production setup can be a challenge: there are about a million ways to deploy complex systems, and QuasarDB is no exception. In this series of blog posts, we will be taking you through the various aspects on how to implement a successful QuasarDB deployment in production.

Why C++?

If you’d like a more detached conversation about C++ and programming in general, please read on