Tick Database


Data volume

Full order book data is enormous. A single day of equity on a single exchange represents terabytes of data, with massive spikes at the opening.

Data lag

Data warehouses or data lakes can easily create hours of data lag, due to the architectural limitation, making them unable to deliver timely, actionable insights.

Data analytics​

Level 3 market data is highly granular and requires expensive, complex computations to transform bids and asks into an order book representation at any given time.


1. 60x less data storage cost, saving millions

Thanks to the industry-proven, patented compression algorithms optimized for market data, QuasarDB compresses the data faster than it arrives, significantly reducing disk usage while enabling fast queries.

2. No data lag

Achieved through streaming compression,  novel data structures, and an innovative hybrid in-memory/disk architecture, QuasarDB has a track record of handling large data sets and delivering sub-second complex order book analysis for level 3 market data.

3. Level 3 market data offers the complete picture

With the help of unlimited ingestion capabilities, QuasarDB can capture the entire market depth in real time instead of just level 1. This data is instrumental not only because it’s necessary for compliance but also because it contains crucial insights to help build better strategies.

4. Real-time data analytics

In addition to data compression and unlimited ingestion capabilities, QuasarDB also offers real-time data analytics during the ingestion and query processes, such as order book reconstruction or slippage calculation.

5. Quick deployment

QuasarDB supports edge devices and protocols, such as Nasdaq ITCH, for data capture and analysis, empowering immediate data access and usage by quants.

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