Quasar “Seneca” Beta 3.13.5 Released

2 years ago

This is the beta 3.13 branch, not to be confused with the stable 3.10 branch.

We are very happy to announce the immediate availability of QuasarDB 3.13.5, a beta version update from 3.13.4.

This release fixes an important performance regression that was introduced in 3.13.4 when users would use the ORDER BY DESC statement.

This release also introduces a couple of performance and UX improvements, and you no longer need to specify a range for GROUP BY queries!

Get QuasarDB 3.13.5 here!

QuasarDB is also available on the AWS marketplace.

32-bit and 64-bit ARM binaries for Linux are now included with every release.

Change log

  • Protocol version 48
  • [api] Add support for ARRAY_ACCUM results for Apache Arrow conversion
  • [api] Add support for double natively in the key-value store
  • [api] Implement all missing “write” direct API functions
  • [daemon] Change the configuration parameter log_file_time_to_roll from seconds to milliseconds
  • [daemon] Check on startup that the volume complies with license restrictions
  • [daemon] More granular configuration of RocksDB’s column family memory options
  • [net] Add support for ARRAY_ACCUM
  • [net] Improve performance of the batch writer
  • [query] $timestamp columns must now be explicitly selected
  • [query] Add support for PUT (key/value) in queries
  • [query] Extend the support for ASOF and aggregations
  • [query] Fix DESC performance regression introduced in 3.13.4
  • [query] Fix internal error for HAVING with empty columns
  • [query] Further improve HAVING query speed
  • [query] GROUP BY no longer requires a time range
  • [query] Improve DELETE FROM query speed
  • [shell] New “get_full_metadata” shell command to get all versions of an entry