Quasar “Seneca” Beta 3.13.4 Released

2 years ago

This is the beta 3.13 branch, not to be confused with the stable 3.10 branch.

We are very happy to announce the immediate availability of QuasarDB 3.13.4, a beta version update from 3.13.3.

This release is highly focused on performance and first time user experience (UX).

By performance, we mean working on the long tail where users would be experiencing underwhelming results in narrow use cases.

In the last three months, we went through every reported issue and analyzed and reworked every part of the engine as needed, little by little, to make sure those long tail issues are gone.

It was highly worthwhile: queries can have 10X to 20X performance improvement, especially queries using a combination of aggregation and LIMIT.

The order book Virtual Machine (VM) has been reworked to deliver even more performance while reducing the amount of data it needs to build a snapshot. That will significantly help users working on a very deep history.

Memory usage of the daemon has been dramatically reduced. Doing so required a deep dive into the memory allocator, but it was worth it! You will be able to do more with less.

On top of that, we worked on the first minutes user experience, everything related to setup and first API calls.

It goes from a better error message if you downloaded the wrong build for your CPU architecture to a more resilient installer that accounts for even the most exotic setups.

We’ve also changed some aggregation to make them less surprising for users coming from SQL databases.

Lastly, we fixed several OS X issues that prevented developers on a Mac from having a smooth experience with Quasar.

If you are still having issues, please mail us at [email protected]. Whether you’re using the community version or not, we want to hear from you.

Oh, one more thing. Quasar now supports hot backups.

Get QuasarDB 3.13.4 here!

QuasarDB is also available on the AWS marketplace.

32-bit and 64-bit ARM binaries for Linux are now included with every release.

Change log

  • Protocol version 48
  • [api] Continuous queries can now be paced
  • [api] Correctly parse column names starting with “nan”
  • [api] Optimize client-side processing of queries for improved performance
  • [api] Support ORDERBOOK and SLIPPAGE in continuous queries
  • [daemon] Add more asynchronous pipelines statistics
  • [daemon] Better error messages when the CPU is missing required features
  • [daemon] Greatly reduce memory usage and improve eviction heuristics
  • [daemon] Improve the accuracy of memory statistics, introduce new ones
  • [daemon] Initial support for hot backups
  • [ingress] Support none values when doing “insert deduplicate”
  • [logging] Logs now use ISO8601 timestamps
  • [net] Improve .NET general compatibility
  • [osx] Improve general compatibility
  • [persistence] Allow for the rotation of RocksDB logs
  • [persistence] Improve default settings for better performance out of the box
  • [persistence] Optimize storage layout to improve lookup of cold data
  • [python] Made API fully zero copy wherever possible for up to 20X performance improvement
  • [query] Can now RESTRICT TO on multiple columns
  • [query] Enhance ORDERBOOK levels customization
  • [query] Enhance RESTRICT TO syntax to allow for more flexibility
  • [query] Fix corner cases related to comparison with NULL
  • [query] Greatly improve deduplication performance
  • [query] Greatly improve ORDERBOOK performance
  • [query] Greatly optimize queries with LIMIT statements
  • [query] Make behavior of first/last/min/max coherent with other aggregations
  • [query] Make the “slope” aggregation work with GROUP BY statements
  • [query] PREWHERE is now applied before RESTRICT TO
  • [query] RESTRICT TO is now applied before the WHERE statement