QuasarDB 3.8.10 Released

3 years ago

We are very pleased to announce the immediate availability of QuasarDB 3.8.10.

This release brings stability and quality of life improvements.

Fixes and improvements

  • Protocol version 35
  • [api] Properly handle empty partial results
  • [daemon] Add more context to the “invalid depot path” error message
  • [daemon] Fixed a rare issue, when, during writes, previously cached entries may have not properly reacquired the lock for writing
  • [daemon] Name differently the high and low partitions threads
  • [daemon] Properly set the default for the advertized address
  • [daemon] Reset the ACL fetcher on error
  • [daemon] Skip missing buckets when aggregating instead of failing
  • [query] FROM table.column was incorrectly accepted as a valid clause
  • [replication] Properly replicate tags
  • [shell] Fixed a potential segmentation fault when using quotation marks
  • [shell] Fixed invalid format for integers
  • [shell] Log warnings related to the history file instead of displaying them on the console
  • [shell] No output was given when a script file was not properly specified

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