QuasarDB 3.8.11 Released

3 years ago

We are very pleased to announce the immediate availability of QuasarDB 3.8.11.

This release incorporates several fixes and improvements of the 3.9 branch into the stable 3.8 release branch.

Get it here!

Fixes and improvements

  • [api] Added a new compaction mode that is slower, but uses less disk
  • [api] Added an API call to enable or disable auto-compaction dynamically
  • [api] Trimming and compaction are now two distinct API calls
  • [daemon] Add an operation to nuke a corrupted bucket without shutting down the server remotely
  • [daemon] Correctly support dates before 1970 and beyond 5000
  • [daemon] Greatly improve asynchronous pipelines performance and memory usage
  • [daemon] Improve intra-node recovery on error for ACL permissions lookup
  • [daemon] Log when buckets are too large
  • [daemon] Make the persisted firehose shard size configurable
  • [query] Add support for duplicate rows deletion
  • [query] Fix an invalid timestamp returned for certain first/last queries
  • [query] Fix an issue related to DELETE … WHERE queries
  • [query] Fix GROUP BY results that could be returned as blobs when they are in fact strings
  • [query] Fix invalid results for adjacent_count on large queries
  • [query] Fix several GROUP BY issues related to timestamps
  • [query] Fix several incoherences in the way GROUP BY results were given
  • [query] Fixed an issue where rows could be partially removed after a DELETE WHERE

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