QuasarDB 3.9.9 Beta released

3 years ago

We are very pleased to announce the immediate availability of QuasarDB 3.9.9.

This release brings significant performance and memory usage improvements.

We have worked hard on the query language as well, and are happy to share with you powerful new features of the ASOF, PIVOT, and LOOKUP functions.

32-bit and 64-bit ARM binaries for Linux are now included with every release.

Get it here!

Known bugs

We are currently working on a hot fix for this issue

  • [daemon] Frequent updates of the same bucket with “push fast” may result in data being duplicated and never deleted.

Fixes and improvements

  • [api] The C API is now versioned through macros
  • [clone] Initial release of the qdb_clone utility
  • [daemon] Add bucket operations statistics
  • [daemon] Can log operations that take an excessive amount of time
  • [daemon] Fix the evict_all speed problem on Windows
  • [daemon] Greatly reduce memory usage on all platforms
  • [daemon] Improve the caching algorithm heuristics for greater performance
  • [daemon] Improve multithreading model for even more scalability
  • [daemon] Log an error when shard sizes become too large
  • [daemon] Remove an invalid log error message that could create confusion
  • [lookup] LOOKUP now supports any kind of string
  • [query] Add support for $table in LOOKUP
  • [query] Add support for the string concatenation operator ||
  • [query] Fix aggregation computation when multiple empty values are present in a column
  • [query] Greatly improve performance of more complex queries, especially when multiple tables are select
  • [query] Properly delete rounded doubles when doing DELETE WHERE DUPLICATE
  • [query] Support arithmetic cast for timestamps
  • [query] Support for AS for LOOKUP
  • [query] Support for non-blob values in LOOKUP
  • [query] Support for the combination of GROUP BY and ASOF
  • [query] Support for the combination of LOOKUP and arithmetic operators
  • [query] Support for the combination of PIVOT and ORDER BY
  • [query] Support for the combination of PIVOT, ASOF, GROUP BY, and PREWHERE
  • [shell] Add prefix_count and suffix_count to shell
  • [shell] The location of the history file is now by default the home directory (and can be configured)

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