QuasarDB “Apollodorus” 3.7.0 available

4 years ago

We are very pleased to announce the immediate availability of QuasarDB 3.7.0.

This release focuses on performance improvement and lower memory usage.

New features

  • [query] Support for timestamp comparisons in WHERE clauses
  • [query] New function to count adjacent differences in a column
  • [query] Allow to insert NULL strings in INSERT INTO statements
  • [query] Allow WHERE (t.)col1 = (t.)col2 with multiple tables (e.g. with a find statement)

Fixes and improvements

  • [daemon] Blob on-disk and in-memory speed and size optimizations (up to X4 more memory efficient, X2 faster insertions)
  • [daemon] Improve eviction and overall memory usage
  • [daemon] Removed a bottleneck on concurrent read-only operations on the same table

Try it now!