QuasasrDB “Crates” 3.8.0 available!

4 years ago

We are very pleased to announce the immediate availability of QuasarDB 3.8.0.

This release focuses on performance improvement and lower memory usage.

Important: the default binaries are now optimized for Haswell architectures (previous versions were targeting Westmere). You will need to use the Core2 builds if your architecture is older than Haswell.

New features

  • [query] Support for INSERT TRUNCATE

Fixes and improvements

  • [query] Significant performance improvement to GROUP BY queries for high-cardinality results
  • [daemon] Properly honor cgroups memory restrictions (Docker and Kubernetes)
  • [daemon] Fixed backtrace functions log in Linux
  • [client] Optimized client/server communications for better performance

Try it now!