QuasarDB 3.9.7 Beta Released

Monday February 8, 2021

We are very pleased to announce the immediate availability of QuasarDB 3.9.7.

As we approach the end of the beta cycle, this release bring stability, performance, and quality of life improvements.

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Fixes and improvements

  • [daemon] Add an option to unconditionally uncache entries after write
  • [daemon] Add several statistics related to asynchronous pipelines
  • [daemon] Fix a rare issue, when, during writes, previously cached entries may have not properly reacquired the lock for writing
  • [daemon] Greatly improve asynchronous pipelines performance and memory usage
  • [daemon] Improve intra-node recovery on error for ACL permissions lookup
  • [daemon] Significantly improve memory usage for columns containing strings or blobs
  • [dbtool] Improved safety and clarity of low-level shard operations
  • [query] Add cast to int64 support for timestamps
  • [query] Add support for ALTER TABLE RENAME column
  • [query] Add support for PIVOT on all possible ASOF JOINS
  • [query] Experimental support for results deduplication in queries
  • [query] Fix a GROUP BY issues when querying multiple tables
  • [query] Fix an issue related to DELETE … WHERE queries
  • [query] Fix an issue where empty FIND() results would result in an invalid query
  • [query] Greatly improve the performance FIND() when the number of tables is very high
  • [query] Lookup now works on every column type

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