QuasarDB Beta 3.9.0 released

Wednesday August 19, 2020

We are very pleased to announce the immediate availability of QuasarDB 3.9.0.

The 3.9.0 is a “beta” branch. Even minor version numbers are stable release, odd minor version numbers are beta. The current latest stable version as of this writing is 3.8.7.

This new major version introduce significant performance improvements to the aggregation engines, extended ASOF joins support, and overall improved usability and flexibility.

Last but not least, QuasarDB now has native support for AWS S3 as a storage backend!

Changes in this version

  • [persistence] Native support for AWS S3 as a persistence backend
  • [persistence] Greatly improved compaction performance
  • [persistence] Up to 2X cold queries performance increase
  • [query] Can ASOF JOIN against multiple tables, generated ranges, and find results
  • [query] Support for WHERE clause in DELETE and UPDATE
  • [daemon] Greatly improved the performance of asynchronous insertions
  • [daemon] Up to 100X performance gain for GROUP BY queries
  • [batch] Improve batch inserter performance when writing to mutliple tables
  • [batch] Added support to clone a blob/string into the batch writer
  • [query] Add support for IS NULL and IS NOT NULL in WHERE clauses
  • [query] Added experimental support for covariance and correlation computation
  • [daemon] Fixed a direct_prefix_get bug
  • [query] Use single quotes for queries, and double quotes for identifiers

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