What is Quasar?

Quasar is a time-series data platform designed to deliver real-time insights on high-volume data.

Quasar captures, normalizes, transforms, and stores an unlimited volume of events in the most efficient way possible at very low latency.

Thanks to its efficiency, Quasar reduces data storage and processing costs drastically while improving reactivity.

Quasar Key Features

High Compression Ratio​

Real-time aggregation

Streaming analytics​

Unlimited Ingestion​


Lightweight, efficient​

Tiered storage​

Supports SQL, Python​, and more

Technology Whitepaper

Quasar Products

Quasar Cloud

Quasar Cloud supports both SaaS (Software as a Service) and PaaS (Platform as a Service). Quasar has official virtual machine images for Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure. Other mainstream cloud platforms are also supported. Instances can run either within your account or Quasar’s, with the option of being fully managed. ​

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Quasar Edge

Supporting all Quasar features, Quasar Edge is a lightweight, self-contained database solution optimized for embedded devices. It carries the same functionalities and benefits as Quasar, simply in a small package with low resource requirements.

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Quasar Enterprise

Experience the full power of Quasar on-premise. Quasar Enterprise enables you to run Quasar on your own infrastructure. It is preferred by organizations that require complete control over the data, have specific security or compliance requirements, or have limited internet connectivity.

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Quasar Community

Free community edition that you can deploy anywhere. Experience the power of Quasar for free, even for commercial purposes (see limitations in the license agreement).​

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