QuasarDB 3.10.0 Stable Released

2 years ago

We are very pleased to announce the immediate availability of QuasarDB 3.10.0. You can get it here.

The previous stable version, 3.8.0, was released on April 6th, 2020, almost 18 months ago!

3.10 has been battle-tested on multi-petabytes datasets with continuous data ingestions over several months.

3.10 is our most resilient, fastest, and most efficient release ever.

Compared to 3.8, some queries run several orders of magnitude faster, and memory usage is massively reduced. We also greatly increased the write resiliency, for example in the case of a brutal shutdown.

This release does not just improve performance. It also delivers on powerful new querying capabilities, enabling you to aggregate, pivot, and join data in the most flexible way possible using our tagging  logic.

3.10 is a direct branch of 3.9.9 with the improvements listed below. Switching to a stable release means we will now be much more conservative in the future 3.10.x releases, focusing on API stability and bug fixes.

If you want to have the new shiny and powerful features (such as continuous queries, symbol table, etc.), wait for the 3.13 release. We expect to release 3.13 later this month. 

Where is 3.11? Let’s just say it’s now in a better place.

Important: the default binaries are optimized for Haswell architectures. You will need to use the Core2 builds if your architecture is older than Haswell.

Fixes and improvements

(w.r.t 3.9.9)

  • Protocol version 37
  • [daemon] Add statistics for slow operations
  • [daemon] Change the configuration of sessions and multithreading to improve clarity
  • [daemon] Fix “alias not found” bug after changing a table schema
  • [daemon] Fix data duplication bug
  • [daemon] Fix DELETE … WHERE DUPLICATE performance bug
  • [daemon] Greatly improve statistics collection performance
  • [daemon] Overall query performance improvement and memory usage
  • [daemon] Properly honor the “disable WAL” RocksDB setting
  • [daemon] Slight compression performance upgrade, both in speed and ratio
  • [persistence] Added more configuration parameters
  • [query] Add LIMIT to SHOW TABLES
  • [query] Add support for slope
  • [query] Add support for sum of absolute changes and sum of absolute values
  • [query] Extend GROUP BY capabilities
  • [query] Fix LOOKUP parsing ambiguity
  • [query] Greatly improve qualified FIND performance
  • [query] Improve FIND() capabilities
  • [query] New, zero copy, ultra-high-performance, batch insert API (the old API is still available but will be deprecated in the next stable release)
  • [shell] Correctly parse timeouts with the units
  • [shell] Do not print footer in CSV mode
  • [shell] Fix column layout print issues

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