QuasarDB is now Quasar

2 years ago

I am thrilled to announce that QuasarDB has become Quasar.

If you’re already a Quasar customer, this will have no impact on the product and service. You may notice that our staff will write you from our new domain: quasar.ai.

This change is to reflect our mission statement: enable AI to create wealth.

Think of AI not as Artificial Intelligence but as Automated Intelligence. AI is that software chain that refines information to present us with actionable choices.

The challenge of AI today isn’t the algorithms but the impedance difference between AI and data. As your data volume grows, it becomes exponentially more challenging to leverage it accurately.

At Quasar, we believe that more data isn’t a problem: it’s an opportunity.

Suppose you’re currently doing predictive maintenance, network analysis, or quantitative analysis. What prevents you from feeding more data into your models? How much could you improve?

Quasar is a better answer than data lakes and data warehouses.

Quasar simplifies your data engineering platform by allowing you to capture an unlimited amount of raw timeseries data and extract features on the fly.

Quasar lets your analysts work interactively and forget about data engineering issues altogether.

If your curious about what Quasar can do for your business, our new website has an extensive list of case studies.

These last years have been a crazy ride, and I’m incredibly proud of our team.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank our investors and our customers for placing their faith in us when we were a tiny company with everything to prove. Thank you!

Happy Thanksgiving!

-Edouard, founder and CEO of Quasar

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