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Quasar, in a nutshell

Are you struggling with ingesting and storing an enormous amount of time-series data?

Does data lag prevent you from generating timely, actionable insights?

Do you need real-time data analytics such as Fast Fourier transform or orderbook rebuilding?

If you encounter any of those issues mentioned above, Quasar is your ideal real-time data platform.

Quasar captures, normalizes, transforms, and stores an unlimited volume of events in the most efficient way possible with low latency, delivering real-time insights into an unlimited volume of time-series data.

Go beyond

No compromise

Timeseries data is typically large as it is cumulative.

When data volumes increase, there are two main approaches: the data lake approach and the data warehouse approach.

Both approaches have inherent limitations and ask you to make tradeoffs either with ingestion (in volume or lag) or querying (speed or capabilities).

Quasar has been built from the ground up to be without compromises and deliver on:

  • Volume – Quasar can capture and store an unlimited amount of time-series data.
  • Lag – The data in Quasar can be as fresh as needed, with the capability of aggregating data as it comes.
  • Analytical capabilities – Quasar exists to solve business problems and comes with domain-specific capabilities.

Aggregate on the fly

In certain use cases, the volume of data is so large that you need to aggregate it as it comes because response time matters the most.

For example, you might be interested only in the max value of a sensor over the last minute and don't need to keep multiple updates per second, or you only need an update on the location of a cell phone user every five minutes.

Doing this used to require using multiple products working in concert with varying degrees of success and performance.

Quasar can aggregate data in memory as it comes and store the result on disk, resulting in several orders of magnitude speed and storage gains.

And if you need to keep the raw data for reference, Quasar can do that too.


The most cost efficient timeseries storage in the world

Quasar highly optimizes your storage capacity by combining extremely efficient compression and optimized I/O.

Quasar's Delta 4C compression suite. Delta 4C features adaptive, lossless compression. Compression is faster than writing and can yield tremendous disk space savings.

  • Optimized cost - Native tiered storage support helps you optimize your storage costs. Colder, less frequently used data can be stored in more affordable storage technology.
  • Leverage cloud structure better - Quasar has a persistent cache feature that allows to leverage transient storage to optimize I/O.
  • Squeeze every byte out of every dollar - Quasar can use S3-compatible blob storage as a backend, delivering unrivaled bytes per dollar.

High-resolution data leads to better decisions

Are you making incorrect decisions because of low-resolution data?

In predictive maintenance, for example, you want to be able to detect false brinelling caused by small movements in the bearing during startup and shutdown. This requires capturing the full waveform of vibration data, which is tens of thousands of times larger than traditional.

In finance, level II market data, which is several orders of magnitude bigger than tick data, enables traders to understand better the supply and demand dynamics of a given security, such as market depth, sentiment, and order imbalance.

However, working on the full-resolution picture used to require a significant investment in technology and resources, limiting its availability or practicality.

Quasar has been designed to solve this problem in a comprehensive, fully integrated platform, drastically lowering the barrier to entry.


The Quasar Timeseries Database Management System

Quasar's brain is QuasarDB, a high-performance, distributed, column-oriented timeseries database management system designed from the ground up to deliver real-time on petascale use cases.

  • 20X+ lower storage cost – The combination of compression or automatic tiering gives an unrivaled cost per byte.
  • Low latency updates – Quasar not only ingests massive amounts of data, it does it with minimal lag, enabling real-time applications on huge volumes.
  • Advanced analytics – Perform advanced computations on your data as it comes or on the stored historical data to unlock new insights.

Learn more about QuasarDB in our technological white paper.


Technology whitepaper

Data model

A flexible data model

Quasar has a unique data model based on tags, giving you raw speed and extreme flexibility.

Time-series data is organized in tables. Tables are so inexpensive that you can have millions of them. Use SQL to query them.

Tag your tables, query based on tags. Or tables. Or both. The possibilities are endless.

Tags can be changed at any time and can be recursive. Reorganizing data is instant and effortless.


Unlimited ingestion capabilities

Quasar writing capabilities scale linearly with the number of nodes in the cluster.

  • End-to-end, high-performance data capture - The source collaborates with the cluster to maximize bandwidth and minimize latency.
  • Plug-n-play ingestion - Connectors to streaming platforms for direct data capture and business-specific data importers such as Nasdaq ITCH or MQTT.
  • Optimized import for CSV and flat files - Import months of history in a couple of hours.

Supports the most exotic data source. Quasar has a flexible API that accommodates even the rarest data source.


Advanced analytical engine

You need more than just a database.

Queries often come short when it comes to getting valuable insights from your data, however, these transformations can be very costly and require moving the data out of your platform.

That's why we infused Quasar with powerful analytical capabilities.

Quasar goes beyond trivial data transformations and has extended windowing capabilities, pivoting, and domain-specific capabilities such as FFT and order book rebuilding. Native time-series joins such as ASOF joins are supported to align sensors timestamps.


Quick deployment

Quasar has a dashboard framework that allows for constructing bespoke web dashboards.

The Quasar framework is perfect for a project that has precise requirements in terms of visualization and reporting.

Quasar has numerous dedicated connectors for users already happy with an existing visualization framework. It integrates perfectly with Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Power BI, Tableau, SAS Vaya, Grafana, and many more!

Integrating with an existing analytics toolset is the best way to ensure rapid adoption and a smooth transition.



Quasar is available on-premises, on the edge, and in the cloud. Learn more about our integrations in the partner's page.

Quasar supports Intel x64 and ARM64 architecture for server deployments. Attached or detached storage architectures are both supported.

Docker and Kubernetes are fully supported.

Quasar supports Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Service, and Google Cloud Platform.

You can deploy Quasar on embedded devices for scenarios requiring a data infrastructure close to the source. ARM32, ARM64, and Intel-compatible architectures are fully supported.